False Data in Newark Schools’ Attendance Report Card

The latest New Jersey public schools’ report card shows that Newark schools continue to stuggle under a “reform” agenda enacted by Cami Anderson. It also reports that Newark schools have an almost 100 percent student attendance rate, which a recent discovery has proven to be incorrect.


Leonard Pugliese, AFSA General Vice President, discovered the mistake while analyzing data on the “Renew schools,” and then found the same mistakes in reports on non-Renew schools.


He reported his findings in detail to a hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Schols in Trenton. “This is outrageous–and impossible. What’s equally outrageous is that the state department of education would post this document. Someone had to compile this data. Someone had to produce this graph,” said Pugliese.


Although there is poor academic performance for most of Newark’s schools, every public elementary school has met the “college and career ready” target set by the state. The use of false data is to blame for this misrepresentation of Newark schools being “college and career ready”.  The report Card is based only on algebra criterion and attendance rates.


Pugliese also stated that no one in the state or district had caught the mistakes, despite the report being out for two months.


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