Ernest Logan Elected as New AFSA President

During the AFSA 15th Triennial Constitutional Convention, AFSA elected new officers, including the new President Ernest Logan. After being sworn in, he delivered a very moving speech that fired up the convention attendees.

“Thank you for putting your faith in me to lead this great organization for the next three years. Together we can take AFSA to the forefront in being the National Voice for public education and the workers we represent and the families and children we educate,” said Logan during his speech.

Logan discussed how public education and the labor force are being threatened because of the power of the president, Secretary of Education and the Supreme Court and that we must fight for the children and working families. “But we have to beat the odds! We’re strong people with strong personalities and loud voices; we wouldn’t be principals, assistant principals, school supervisors and central office administrators unless we weren’t so loud and strong-willed. We are fierce warriors!”

He emphasized on the importance of unity within locals and with all unions in the AFL-CIO, reminding members that together our voices are stronger. Logan also encouraged AFSA members to speak out and take action in their community. “But let’s also be warriors in our towns and districts and speak out against every local effort to privatize our community’s schools, siphon funding to private schools, and undermine educational equity. Let’s win friends in our communities and get them to do battle with us. Start with the parents. They love their schools.”

“Since 1976, AFSA has been affiliated with the great AFL-CIO, and has been united in the mission to fight for the interests of all its members and for quality public schools for children from all backgrounds. Today, I’ve asked of all of you to strengthen our mission by helping AFSA become one of the nation’s dominant forces in sticking up for public education in order to preserve our democracy. And I’ve also asked you to launch a campaign to restore a civic education to our schools. That is the second part of the effort to preserve our democracy,” said Logan.

Read President Logan’s full speech here