DISD Celebrates Memorial Day in the Classroom

The Dickinson Independent School District (DISD), of Dickinson, TX., put their Memorial Day classroom time to good use, with patriotic music and lesson plans, in honor of the national holiday.

Due to winter weather closings, back in January, the DISD was instructed to make up those missed classes, by holding school on Memorial Day.

Choosing to make the most out of their holiday classroom time, DISD hosted Memorial Day themed programs and activities throughout the day, to honor our nation’s fallen military heroes.

By donating five dollars, in exchange for the ability to wear jeans to work that day, the DISD staff took part in a “Jeans for Troops” fundraiser.

All proceeds collected from “Jeans for Troops” benefit the G.I. Go Fund, which supports homebound veterans with their transition back to civilian life.