Department of Education Commits $20 million to School Leadership Training

On Wednesday October 1st, The Education Department, in an effort to turn around the nation’s lowest performing schools, awarded the School Improvement Grant program $20 million dollars. The money will be geared towards leadership training.


AFSA is excited about the grant and the changes it will bring about. Many aspects go into being effective school leaders and we are happy that there will be more resources available to create more effective teachers and administrators in our public schools.


The SIG program has faced many struggles and so far has produced lack luster results in target schools. It has faced scrutiny from many sources that in the efforts to turn around low-performing schools, English language learners have been left behind. AFSA is optimistic that the funds will help make the SIG program more effective and help them to achieve more substantial results


These new grants look to prepare leaders by facilitating specialized training on the best ways to turn around low performing schools. Grant money will also be applied towards recruiting potential leaders, and providing them with the training as well as ongoing coaching. Financial incentives will also be employed in efforts to increase retention rates of effective leaders and weed out those who struggle.


School districts, colleges and universities are the main recipients of the grant money. Notable receipts include the Alabama Department of Education, receiving almost $2 million and the Rhode Island non-profit, Center for Leadership and Education Equity, a Rhode Island non-profit, who is slated to receive almost $1.6 million.