Democratic Missouri U.S. Senate Nominee Hits Foe for Failure to Oppose Right-to-Work

CHESTERFIELD, Mo.— Right to work laws have emerged as a contentious campaign issue in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. On one side of the issue is Jason Kander, Missouri’s Secretary of State and the Democratic nominee. Kander, a strong opponent of right-to-work laws, has used his hard stance as a mean of attack against his opponent, incumbent GOP Sen. Roy Blunt.

While out campaigning in Chesterfield recently, the Secretary of State blamed Sen. Blunt, the senior elected official in the Republican Party in Missouri, for the passage of right-to-work in the state legislature last year. “As the legislature was pursuing right-to-work, he refused to pick up the phone and make a single phone call to put a stop to it,” Kander said of Blunt.

While the law was shot down by a veto from the Governor’s office, the GOP is likely to propose right-to-work again next year.

The Democrat added that Blunt, “never missed an opportunity to be on the wrong side of an issue that affects working Missourians. For me, I’m going to be waking up every day focused on what I can do for folks who work for a living in Missouri.”

Source: PAI