CSA Scores New Contract

On December 6th at the annual convention for the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), AFSA Local 1, Ernest Logan, president of CSA announced a new contract with New York City that will substantially raise salaries and give members back pay. CSA members have been working without a contract since 2010.

Logan fought to make sure the new contract would ensure that hundreds of his members, who had been promoted from teaching jobs to administrator positions,  got the back pay  that was provided in their teachers’ contract.  This stalled the negotiations between the city and CSA for months.

In this new agreement, effective through 2019, teachers who were promoted to principals since 2009 will be able to receive their retroactive pay from the time that they were still teachers. Additionally, the principals who moved to administrative positions within the Department of Education since 2010 will also receive retroactive pay for the time they were still principals.

After the announcement Mayor Bill de Blasio commended the principals for their dedication to the improvement of education. Logan then praised de Blasio for “being a public-school parent who truly respects educators.”

Logan also concluded his statements saying that winning the new contract was “a moral issue for us,” and stressing that, “You work, you are entitled to what is owed you. People should have gotten the money they earned from where they were before.”

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