Congress Fails to Avoid Shutdown

Capitol BuildingBecause members of Congress were unable to perform the most basic function that they were elected to do, and pledged to do when they were sworn into office, it is ultimately our nation’s students who may suffer the most.

Our nation’s public schools need stability, support, and increased investment. Yet, on top of the already unstable fiscal policy of sequestration, schools are left with even more uncertainty with the government shutdown. According to the Department of Education, “a delay in payments for more than a week would severely curtail the cash flow to school districts, colleges and universities, and vocational rehabilitation programs.”

At the very least, our elected officials should not be inflicting harm on our nation. What we should expect and demand is they perform their most basic functions that they were elected to do. We call Congress to repeal the job-killing sequester, to reject any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits, to protect food aid for the poor, and to invest in education.