Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

AFSA congratulates President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on their re-election. We were proud to endorse the president, and believe this is a victory for public education, working families, the middle-class, and an economy that works for all.

At the heart of our efforts to support the Obama administration’s reelection was our deep concern about the corporate-financed drive to privatize our public schools, which undermines equal opportunities for all children, and threatens to gain traction if advocates for radical education cuts succeed in using the so-called “fiscal cliff” debate as a tool for advancing their agenda.

Our first challenge is to secure the necessary funding to support quality education for all , and to encourage the president to engage school leaders as partners in the reforms necessary to improve school performance.

As allies in this effort, we can all gain insight from the experience of school leaders who, despite being held responsible for school performance, have all too often been ignored in formulating education policy.  We look forward to working with the administration to improve these policies with the same fervor with which our members have worked to secure the president’s reelection.