Communications Workers Campaign Against Wall Street

WASHINGTON – The Communications Workers president, Chris Shelton, is tired of being pushed aside. Ever since the great recession during the Bush Administration, he has seen unions be stomped on by the government and Wall Street.


Wall street is too concerned with low costs and short-term success to fix any problems. Since the government is not willing to help him, Shelton has gained his own support group and is taking on Wall Street himself with their help.


Shelton has begun raising statewide campaigns and is in the process of moving his revolution to D.C. to begin a major coalition. “Why do we want to go to Wall Street? Because every time we go to the bargaining table, our opposing companies bring Wall Street,” said Shelton.


At the end of his campaign, Shelton hopes to pass a tax reform bill shrinking taxable income to fifty cents for every one hundred dollars and to send Justice Department employees, who caused the great recession, to jail. The recession forced unions to eliminate jobs and cut pensions.


Due to strict financial constraints Shelton is stressing to rid of all of the clutter laying around union legislation favoring Wall Street. Who does Chris Shelton think can save the unions from the unfair government? Earlier this week he endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


Source: PAI