Clinton Endorsed by Union

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently received support and endorsement on August 14th from unanimous Machinists leaders, consisting of rank-and-fil members and union political activists.

As a constant supporter of Clinton from 2008, IAM can be recognized as the second union to back Clinton in her presidential campaign efforts. She spoke at the IAM’s staff conference earlier this year.

“Hillary Clinton’s long record of supporting workers’ rights stand in stark contrast to her Republican revival, who seek to ban unions, silence workers, eliminate sensible regulations and give corporations total control over working conditions,” said Machinists President Tom Buffenbarger.

“The question should not by why are we endorsing Hillary Clinton now, but rather, what took us so long?”

IAM report that their support for Clinton will begin on the “first two states on the primary calendar, Iowa and New Hampshire, and by repelling the corporate attacks on her.”

“Our members understand what’s at stake in this election: The right to vote, the right to join a union and the right to retire with dignity. But it’s more than just civil rights and labor rights at risk,” Buffenbarger explained.

Clinton has expressed that “if elected, she would push for stronger U.S. labor law as part of platform to help re-expand the middle class.”

Source: PAI