CBTU Releases Agenda for Labor Success

Like most American union concerns, the themes of racism and inclusiveness have greatly impacted the working-class community. There has been a continued joblessness increase higher than whites.

According to the Black Labor Collaborative, it noted that “the U.S labor movement must be transformed, energized and ‘authentically inclusive’” when seeking support for workers.

Black Labor Collaborative is an organization representing 2.1 million black trade unionists.

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) released a “comprehensive, progressive critique of organized labor and an agenda to help frame discussions about the direction” in which change is expected.

It is the first form of representation for the minority of trade unionists. There has been several protests and activism taken place in Black communities and among low-wage workers.

“This is not about a ‘black agenda,’” said CBTU President Rev. Terrence Melvin, a BLC convener and New York State ALF-CIO Secretary-Treasurer. “This paper seeks to advance a broader discussion that is so badly needed.”

As a component of the larger working class, Melvin noted that “frank and open conversation where diverse voices are hard can produce changes that will strength our movement and benefit all (Black) workers.”

Source: PAI