Whereas, Bullying of children and young adults is a serious problem across the nation and; Whereas, educators, parents, students and community members are becoming increasingly aware of this national problem; and Whereas, we as school administrators work daily to provide a safe and secure school environment where students can learn and teachers can teach; and Whereas, we as school administrators […]

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DREAM Act/In-State Tuition for Undocumented Youth

Whereas, The AFL-CIO and other labor, education, civil rights, and advocacy groups have endorsed the DREAM Act, a piece of federal legislation that would provide hardworking immigrant students a fair path to legal status; and Whereas, many children grow up in the United States, attend local schools and demonstrate a sustained commitment to succeed in public school and beyond by […]

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Per-Capita Dues

Whereas, AFSA continues to increase its participation in professional, labor and legislative matters consistent with its Constitution and mission. Whereas, The AFL-CIO can impose increases in per capita taxes and/or assessments to its affiliates. Whereas, AFSA has also considered the needs of its local affiliates and members. Therefore, AFSA resolves that the per capita dues remain $8.35 per month for […]

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