Public School Learning Environment

Urban Development

The American Federation of School Administrators is concerned about the quality of life in our cities. The Federation believes that policies and programs must be designed to promote and improve urban development, economic growth, zoning, land use, mass transit, rent subsidy and other issues vitally affecting urban community development. The Federation also feels that professional organizations, business, and the government […]

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Safe Public School Environment

The American Federation of School Administrators believes that it is the job of staff, faculty, students and the community to create and maintain a safe and orderly school environment. Students and faculty should be safe from physical, verbal, and psychological violence or the threat thereof. The Federation feels that each school district should have a written discipline policy that has […]

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Public School Building Use

The American Federation of School Administrators believes that public schools should be used as resources for the local community. Programs that offer adult education, parenting, family counseling, and other extracurricular activities are appropriate activities for before and after school programs offered at public school buildings. The Federation strongly believes that closed public school facilities that have been deemed safe can […]

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Human and Civil rights

The American Federation of School Administrators is committed to protect and to fight for the human and civil rights of children, youth, and adults. The Federation calls upon all Americans to eliminate – by statute and practice – barriers to race, color, national origin, religion, philosophical beliefs, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, size, marital status, and economic status […]

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