Public Education

Opportunity for all

The American Federation of School Administrators believes that all students have the right to a free public education and that those institutions must be accredited under uniform standards established by the appropriate agencies. Furthermore, that education should be suited to the individual student’s needs and circumstances and guaranteed by state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution.

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Health and Welfare of students

The American Federation of School Administrators believes that every student should not fail to get an education due to health and/or welfare needs. To ensure that every child comes to school ready to learn, every student should have access to a comprehensive health care system that provides direct and confidential access to properly licensed physicians and other licensed health care […]

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Extended School Day

The American Federation of School Administrators believes that its locals and members must participate fully in the design, authorization, implementation, evaluation, and continuation of programs that extend the school day, school year, create alternative calendars and/or implement year-round school programs. The implementation of such programs must take into consideration salaries, collective bargaining agreements, due process, and established workplace rules and […]

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Charter Schools

The American Federation of School Administrators has reservations about the implementation and support for the public charter school movement. The Federation supports innovation in public school education, but has concerns that charter schools and other nontraditional school options may not provide the sustained reform that our nation’s public school require. In the event that charter schools and/or other nontraditional schools […]

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