Building Trade Members Push for Job Creation

WASHINGTON —3,000 building trades members pushed positive legislation for job creation like increasing the amount of energy projects, building the Keystone XL pipeline, supporting nuclear power, and encouraging environmentally friendly fracking in Washington D.C. during their legislative conference April 20th-22nd.


While there, the Republican dominated 114th Congress made attacks on the Davis-Bacon Act and project labor agreements (PLAs). The Davis-Bacon Act mandates the use of local prevailing wages on federally funded construction jobs.


The 114th Congress is the least worker-friendly in years. During his keynote address, North America’s Building Trades President Sean McGarvey warned members that many Republicans stereotype all unionists together and see the pro-worker movements as Democratic leaning.


To counter the Republicans trashing unions, McGarvey sent members to discuss lobbying targets with both parties. They included: defending PLA’s as economically beneficial and efficient, Defending Davis-Bacon by illustrating that is “not usually a ‘union’ wage,” explaining that when workers’ incomes decrease so do tax revenues because they spend less on goods and investments, and campaigning for funding and expanding the federal highway-mass transit program.


Source: PAI