Boilmakers President Stays Neutral in Election

Boilermakers President Newton Jones announces it will stay neutral in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. He openly opposes the Obama administration’s climate change plan, which is supported by Clinton. This plan will cost American’s their jobs, including jobs represented by the Boilermakers.

“Obama’s climate change legacy will be the subject of debate long after he leaves office in January 2017. But for those working in the U.S. fossil fuel industry, the verdict is already in. His legacy is one of shattered communities, shuttered power plants, shutdown coal mines — and lost blue collar jobs numbering in the tens of thousands,” said Jones.

Jones feels that other countries will fail to follow the U.S.’s example, thus failing Obama’s policy. Carbon capture technologies could have kept coal-fired plants running as an effective solution to the release of carbon, a primary cause of global warming. These technologies created by boilermakers, were ignored by the climate change plan.

Other unions in the AFL-CIO who previously endorsed Sanders are staying neutral in endorsing a presidential candidate.

Source: PAI