Biden Blasts GOP for Abandoning Middle Class

WASHINGTON –Vice President Joe Biden blasted GOP members for abandoning the middle class this week.

During the American Progress symposium, Vice President Biden listed the journey out of the Great Recession in 2009 and the economic slump in 2008 as Republican faults. He uses unions in the auto industry as an example of the alleged abandonment.

“Republicans accepted that the U.S. auto industry was going to wither,” he said. “Auto workers made incredible sacrifices to make that recovery work…These are middle-class jobs. You can raise a family on these jobs. There’s nothing you can give an individual or family more than piece of mind.”

Analysts said Biden’s speech both touted administration economic accomplishments for the middle class and revved up enthusiasm for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, who is running to succeed him.

It also comes when unions are trying to convince their members to back Clinton and not her GOP foe, anti-worker millionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump.

“Look, our Republican friends, they’re not bad guys,” Biden explained in his talk. “I’m one of those Democrats who actually likes a lot of them. They say they’re for growing the middle class, but they have a different value-set than we do. They reject middle-class values, which are the distinguishing feature of our democracy.”

But Biden didn’t confine his criticism of the Republicans to anti-recession measures. Instead he reminded the audience that as Budget Committee Chairman, current House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., led a GOP crusade against bedrock programs.

“They want to privatize Social Security. Cut Social Security. They voucherize Medicare. What does that do? Lower the standard of living for middle-income people.”

Biden went on to say that Republicans are not understanding how hard it is to achieve the American dream.

“They’re not bad guys, but they don’t understand. They don’t understand how extraordinary ordinary Americans are and what their value-set is,” he said.

Source: PAI