Battle for Paid Leave Marches On

WASHINGTON- Rhode Island, New Jersey and California all have rules in place allowing workers sixteen weeks of paid leave for family matters. Areas such as Washington state and Oregon refuse to enact such procedures fearing the costs.


Last year in Maryland a proposal for six weeks of paid leave did not even make it through legislative committees. However, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan approved of several days of paid family leave.


Upsettingly, Washington D.C. recently cut the period of paid leave for employees from sixteen weeks to twelve. Then Washington D.C enacted stricter regulations for how workers can apply for leave and who constitutes as family.


A Baltimore security guard told reporters that these restrictions do not allow him to take off from work when he is truly sick. He can not afford to miss a day’s worth of pay so even while ill, he still goes in. He also raised the concern; what if he is missing serious health issues because he cannot find time to meet with a doctor.


Source: PAI