Anti-worker GOP Ohio rep unveils six anti-union state constitutional amendments

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Anti-worker Ohio State Rep. John Becker, R-Cincinnati, is at it again. He unveiled six constitutional amendments as the state legislature opened its session in Columbus in January. Their object, if enacted: To trash workers and destroy unions.


One Becker measures would repeal prevailing wage laws, two more make Ohio a “right to work” – for less – state. Others ban dues checkoff for state and local government workers, ban Project Labor Agreements, and require public sector unions stand for recertification yearly. That agenda is similar if not identical to measures pushed by other right-wingers nationwide.


In the past, Becker tried to push his measures through the GOP-run Ohio legislature, but even his Republican colleagues there deep-sixed them, the Ohio Labor Citizen reported.


So Becker’s trying the constitutional amendment route, via voter referendums, as “a backdoor way to attack prevailing wage and make Ohio a ‘right-to-work’ state,” for example, Parkersburg-Marietta Building Trades Council Business Manager Bill Hutchinson said.


Source: PAI