Airbus Workers Rally to Unionize in Alabama

MOBILE, AL– Airbus has made the move to opening manufacturing plants in the United States, landing in Alabama. Airbus chose the state due to its strong alliance to the right to work bill. A bill that is not in favor of unions, making it almost impossible for them to form.

For its operations in its home of France, Airbus does cooperate with unions. They mediate through “work councils” where management and union leaders come together through periodic meetings and decide on what works best for unions and the company together. In the U.S., work councils are forbidden.

Airbus stated that it was made clear to employees during the hiring process that they had no intentions of mingling with unions. Airbus prefers direct employee to employer contact regarding any issues. However, Airbus does consider themselves more union friendly than Boeing. Currently, Boeing is in the middle of a major labor dispute.

Right now, Alabama Airbus workers are rallying to unionize. On their website, 30% of fellow Airbus machinists have signed their allegiance to the cause. Last year, a strikingly similar situation occurred in South Carolina where Boeing workers tried to unionize, but Boeing attacked with a vengeance. They used their corporate power to completely unravel and derail all of the work employees put into attempting to form a union.

Airbus does not want soiled relations with its workers. It is simply performing how it feels best for its company. They believe “if we do things right, unionizing will not be necessary.”

Source: LaborPress News