Diann Woodard’s Statement in Response to Senate Gun Safety Vote

Safety First

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate failed to pass common sense legislation to make our communities and schools safer, even though 90 percent of Americans supported this proposal. As the leaders of our nation’s schools, it is a sad day when the NRA and gun lobbyists win over the American people’s safety and profit is put before life.

We have faced a great amount of tragedy already, yet it seems our nation’s weak gun laws and the pointless deaths that have occurred, is not enough to convince many of our Congressional leaders to focus on the wellbeing of our communities rather than the success of their future campaigns. How many tragedies must our children, families and communities suffer before their colleagues stand up and do the same, rather than kowtowing to the gun lobby?

We commend Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Pat Toomey for their leadership and courage in sponsoring this bipartisan measure, and all Senators who supported the measure. This debate is not over and AFSA applauds their strength in standing up for what is right for the future of our families, communities and country. AFSA calls on all of Congress to enact policies to reduce gun violence, and assist school leaders in making our schools as safe as possible.

The leadership of AFSA will be meeting in Washington, DC this weekend to address this issue, and will vote on a school safety resolution to urge AFSA members to call on their local, state and federal representatives to support policies that will make schools and communities safer.