AFSA Responds to Federal Commission on School Safety Report

Ernest Logan, president of the American Federation of School Administrators made the following statement in response to the release of the Federal Commission on School Safety Report:

“The fact the panel had no school leaders, educators, parents, or students shows that the Trump administration isn’t really interested in pursuing real-world solutions and is more concerned about minimizing the issue, pretending it’s acting, and controlling the debate.”

“What’s clear from an initial review is that the report barely acknowledges the role easy access to guns play in deadly school shootings. Until we as a nation address the gun issue, we will never stop the problem.”

“After everything that has happened, this report offers no real solutions and only serves as a vehicle to continue this Administration’s assault on important policies of the Obama Administration. For example, the report proposes to end the much-needed school discipline guidance that helps protect minority students from suffering disproportionate punishments in their schools.”

 “School shootings are a national tragedy that have become far too common.  One would think that the Trump Administration could set aside its naked political aims in this one instance and offer serious solutions and real resources to schools for keeping kids safe, and to ensure minority children are not disproportionally disciplined.”

“Ultimately, the report on school safety is a white wash by the Trump administration to say it did something on the issue. Tragically, students and educators will continue to be at risk and live in fear.”