AFSA Resolution on School Safety

Whereas, Safety in schools is necessary in order to have a peaceful and caring learning environment, and

Whereas, Parents, Students, Teachers, School Employees and School Administrators are all working together to make every school a place of safety, and

Whereas, Law enforcement and local, state and national legislative leaders are developing plans, proposing legislation and policy, and considering increased funding to assist school communities in achieving peaceful, inclusive and caring schools, and

Whereas, As the leaders of our nation’s public schools, the members of the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), AFL-CIO, recognize the importance of supporting efforts by local, state and national stakeholders to assist in making schools safe, and

Whereas, it is necessary for the members of the AFSA, wherever they are located throughout the nation, to become actively involved and engaged, and advocate for legislation that will help create safe and peaceful school environments;

Therefore be it Resolved, that the American Federation of School Administrators, urges its members to actively speak out and support pending legislation at all levels of government that assists in reducing violence in our society and in our schools, and

Be it Further Resolved, that the American Federation of School Administrators strongly supports legislation in Congress and other policies that will supply funds for schools to increase school safety, reduce incidents of bullying, and increase counseling and intervention opportunities for youth.