AFSA President Responds to Trump’s Slim FY18 Proposal Budget

Statement of AFSA President Diann Woodard on President’s FY18 Proposal to Eliminate the $2.25 Billion Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants Program:

“AFSA is appalled by the President’s proposed FY18 budget. Wholesale elimination of a program designed to hire and provide professional development to principals and teachers in order to prop-up unaccountable private schools and engage in an unnecessary peace time build-up of US armed forces is completely unacceptable.

This ill-advised proposal also completely undermines the intent of the bi-partisan Every Student Succeeds Act, which allows states to set aside up to 3% of Title II, Part A funds to invest in principal specific training and support.

If Congress approves this budget, you can be assured that our failure to provide reasonable support to our public schools now will lead to students, educators and the nation as a whole paying dearly later.”