AFSA President Diann Woodard Responds to Friedrichs Case Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 ruling in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association is a major win for public sector unions. In response AFSA President Diann Woodard released the following statement:

“Today’s 4-4 ruling marks a significant victory for everyone who supports fair wages, safe working conditions, and a voice on the job. It was blatantly clear to all, that this case was a direct attack on those basic workers’ rights, and was supported by extremely wealthy special interests,”

“Until a new Supreme Court Justice is confirmed, the lower court’s ruling remains in place, and for the time being 40 years of precedent will not be unjustly overturned. This is welcome news for educators, nurses, firefighters, and other public safety workers who are committed to continue supporting their communities,”

“However, once a new Supreme Court Justice is nominated, it is possible this case will be reheard if 5 justices agree to do so. You can be assured that the same special interests that supported the Friedrich’s case will do everything in their power to prevent President Obama’s nominee from being considered by the current Congress,”

“That simple fact raises the stakes for the 2016 presidential election. We must make sure that collective bargaining rights are not weakened, and that the voice of educators is heard loud and clear. AFSA will continue fighting alongside our union brothers and sisters on this critical issue.”