AFSA Local Honored at Labor Awards

On October 2, Labor Press will be holding their 3rd Annual Heroes of Labor Awards to recognize the outstanding work of unions and their leaders across a variety of professions. AFSA would like to extend congratulations and gratitude to those who are being honored.


In today’s society, unions have been losing support and recent legislation and court cases have weakened the power of unions. Events such as the Labor Press awards give union members and leaders the opportunity to come together and show support for one another.  This event also spotlights all of the great work that these unions do, showcasing to America and its workers how important unions are to the workforce.


Members of the Council of School Supervisors, AFSA Local 1, Catherine Morris and Erica Griffith-Ogis, along with their president Ernest Logan, will be honored at the event. AFSA is so proud of our hard-working members. With education issues at the forefront of current public policy and political debate, we are honored to have dedicated individuals committed to their communities and students.


AFSA supports the solidarity that is fostered through the awards and any event that brings union members together. The committed individuals that are being honored have tirelessly worked towards the betterment of the work environments in each of their professions.


AFSA and the rest of the labor community are proud of all individuals and unions that are being honored at this auspicious occasion:


Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1056

Honoree-Luis Alzate

Mark Henry, President


Civil Service Employees Association Local 1000

Honoree-Abraham Benjamin

Danny Donohue, President

Council of School Supervisors and Administrators

Honorees-Catherine Morris and Erica Griffith-Ogis

Ernest Logan, President

District Council 37 SSEU Local 371

Honoree-Shirley Gray

Anthony Wells, President

District Council 1707 AFSCME

Honorees-Mabel Everett and Carolyn Cox

Victoria Mitchell, Executive Director

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 237

Honorees-David Valadez, John Garcia, Keith Mayo and Tammy Newkirk

Gregory Floyd, President

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 15

Honoree-Marie Sullivan

Thomas A. Callahan, Business Manager

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 94

Honorees-Howard Styles and Bobby Fantine

Kuba Brown, Business Manager

NYC District Council of Carpenters

Honoree-Manny Nieves

Joseph A. Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Retail Wholesale and Department Store Workers Union/UCFW Local 338

Honoree-Erich Preis

John R. Durso, President

The 3rd annual awards will also pay a special tribute to the memory of past President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 802, Richard Sheehan.


AFSA thanks all of the honorees for their hard work and commitment to not only the members of their locals, but to the union community as a whole.

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