AFSA Local 4 Continues Bargaining Conversation with DCPS

Earlier this year, the Council of School Officers, AFSA Local 4 in Washington, D.C., declared an impasse in its negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement with DC Public Schools. CSO did not believe continued bargaining sessions would lead to a labor contract that could be presented and recommended to members.

As part of this ongoing conversation with DC PS, CSO met with representatives and attorneys for the Mayor’s Office of Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations. During the meeting, both parties agreed to resume bargaining in an effort to reach a labor contract agreement that can be ratified by CSO’s membership.

Both parties involved agreed on a plan to resume negotiations, and CSO has outlined a bargaining unit of current members. This unit is expected to be made up of previous bargaining unit members as well as additional individuals to represent the various groups of employees in CSO.

While this is a step in the right direction and CSO feels positively about the meeting, the local recognizes there is much hard work ahead to reach an acceptable agreement.

For more information, contact the Council of School Officers, AFSA Local 4.