AFSA Joins Educators to Promote Math Literacy

The Southern Initiative of the Algebra Project (SIAP) has been working for the last two decades on redefining how math is taught to children in public schools. This summer, AFSA had the opportunity to learn more about the innovative SIAP model to promote math literacy.

President Diann Woodard and Florida Woods, AFSA Southern regional vice president and executive director of the Professional Administrators of New Orleans Public Schools, Inc. (PANOPSI), AFSA Local 17, were among those who attended a professional development seminar focusing on how the program can be used in the classroom.

SIAP’s program seeks to create a sense of significance for students and encourage them to become more engaged with math, which would lead to a greater desire to attempt higher-level math courses. It is focused most intently on distressed school districts, particularly those with a large population of low-income students from underserved populations, including African Americans and Hispanics.

SIAP has target sites in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, and is working with Dillard University, Lincoln University, Virginia State University, the University of the District of Columbia and Xavier University of Louisiana, five historically black colleges and universities, in establishing a strategically planned and focused Pre-K–16 model.

Additionally, the program seeks to create partnerships between middle schools and high schools with colleges and universities. Through these partnerships, students at all levels would receive training to support their peers and to provide peer tutoring in an effort to increase math proficiency.

SIAP and AFSA have agreed to work together to address math literacy and the challenges facing students and parents across the country.


Diann Woodard and Florida Woods participate in a seminar activity