AFSA Delegation Meets with Chicago Principals and Administrators Association Leaders

AFSA President Diann Woodard led an AFSA delegation to Chicago to meet with the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPAA), AFSA Local 2, leadership team. In addition to President Woodard, members of the AFSA delegation included AFSA Executive Vice President Ernest A. Logan, AFSA Secretary-Treasurer Len P. Pugliese, and AFSA General Counsel Bruce Bryant.
At a meeting held at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago on February 21, the AFSA delegation and the CPAA group discussed a number of topics, including CPAA’s ongoing organizing efforts. CPAA’s recently elected president Troy LaRaviere expressed his desire to increase CPAA membership and his desire to enhance his union’s advocacy on behalf of its members. Members of the AFSA delegation offered their views and suggestions regarding the topics that were discussed at the meeting.
At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees expressed their views that the meeting was highly productive, and both groups committed to continued dialogue moving forward.
“CPAA under the direction of President Laraviere is well on its way toward accomplishing an ambitious agenda that focuses on members first,” President Woodard said. “AFSA is so proud of the hard work the members of CPAA are doing in Chicago’s Public Schools on behalf of all children. We enjoyed meeting with CPAA’s leadership team, and hearing about their efforts to strengthen Local 2. AFSA will continue to fight nationally for CPAA, and for all school leaders across the country.”