AFSA Local President Jimmy Gittings in Baltimore Sun

Jimmy Gittings, president of AFSA Local 25, was recently featured in
The Baltimore Sun commenting on the CEO of Baltimore City Public
Schools, Andrés Alonso and his ongoing changes to Baltimore schools.
Alonso continues to replace experienced principals with inexperienced
educators. Gittings criticized these replacements along with other
policy changes that have affected curriculum stability for students as
being directly associated with the continual drop in Baltimore student
test scores.

“Yes, in the first three years of Dr. Alonso’s administration test
scores increased, but the reason for those dramatic increases was due
to the fact that programs that [former superintendents] implemented
were having a positive impact on our children’s achievement.”

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Gittings also came to the defense of two Baltimore locals when Alonso
unjustly accused them of cheating to improve test scores in 2011. More
on the Abbottston School Scandal is featured in the upcoming summer
edition of  “The Leader.”