AFSA Attends Event To Keep Hands Off Social Security

Hands off Social Security

Supporters of keeping “Hands Off Social Security” at the Capitol this morning

On October 3, 2013, AFSA attended an event at the Capitol in support of Social Security benefits. In attendance were more than 20 members of Congress as they joined forces with citizens from all around the country in an attempt to take a stand against the chained CPI and the other disastrous cuts to Social Security.

Amongst the members of Congress, there was one clear message: to stand together against any hostage taking demands and to oppose any cuts to the benefits that have been rightfully earned.

Representative Keith Ellison (DFL, MN-5) stated, “We must all stick together and make sure nobody gets sold out – especially our seniors! We will insist the working poor get health care. We must get rid of the chained CPI. We can do it, but we need a movement across America.”

Rep. Paul Tonko (D, NY-20) also called out CPI by saying, “The chained CPI is an affront against social and justice. The chained CPI will hurt our economy hurt New Yorkers. Hands off Social Security and Medicare!”

Short and to the point was Rep. Cheri Bustos (D, IL-17), who said, “Social Security is a promise that we need to keep!

AFSA is committed to fighting for and working towards preserving Social Security benefits.