AFL-CIO Urges Administration to Finalize Worker Protections

WASHINGTON– Thousands of union worker lives are in jeopardy everyday. Currently, there are either no protections or too weak of protections in place regarding dangerous health conditions in the workplace. Silica, a fine dust particle, kills seven hundred workers a year. Regulations that would protect workers from these situations are far overdue.

The AFL-CIO recently stated that the Department of Labor needs to do more to protect its workers. Adding these protections would do more than save lives and improve working conditions, it could boost the U.S’ stagnant economy.

Other aspects that need stricter rulings besides Silica regulations are fiduciary responsibility and improvements need to be made to the persuasion rule. Part of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary responsibility is to serve those who they represent. If it is not aiding those it speaks for, it is not doing its job.

Big headway was made this week regarding the persuader rule. This issue was brought in front of the Supreme Court Monday. No judgement has been made yet, but things are looking favorable for unions. The persuader rule allows companies to contact and work with union busting organizations in secrecy. If unions get their way in court that will be no more. The loophole that allows them to avoid disclosing that information will be closed.

Many overdue protections are sitting in limbo somewhere in the United States court system. President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka is asking for those to be “pushed to the finish line.” Union workers need protection, and they need it now.

Source: LaborPress News and AFL-CIO