AFL-CIO President’s Remarks on Presidential Endorsement

During the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivered his first speech since the announcement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential endorsement.  President Trumka spoke mainly on standing together in the upcoming election in his following speech:

“Ever since Barack Obama was elected, the Republican vocabulary has been reduced to one word: “no.”

No to creating jobs. No to raising wages. No to investing in infrastructure. No to expanding unions. No to equal pay. No to a vote on the President’s Supreme Court nominee.

In their obsession with defeating President Obama, Republican leaders refused to work with him. So we haven’t been able to make the big changes working people need. Everyday Americans are fed up. And who can blame them? They think Washington is broken. By refusing to govern, Republican leaders have left working families behind. And their inaction created the monster that is Donald Trump’s candidacy.

It’s our job to explain that Donald Trump won’t solve America’s problems. He is the problem.

Name any core American value, and Donald Trump is against it. Freedom of religion. Freedom of the press. Responsibility. Equality. Unity. Integrity. He stands against everything we stand for.”

Read the entire speech here.