AFL-CIO Pledges to Bridge Racial Divisions

WASHINGTON—Lately, the AFL-CIO has increased its efforts to eliminate racial strife within its community. Earlier this week, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka gave a moving speech to inspire meaningful dialogue that encourages solidarity and brotherhood throughout all unions and beyond.

President Trumka began his speech condemning the hateful rhetoric of republican frontrunners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The AFL-CIO does not support their stances on immigration. He announced the AFL-CIO’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other groups that are going against the status quo, fighting for change.

“Racial justice is not a side project of the AFL-CIO, it is the core,” said Trumka during his speech. He also called for more action to be taken. He stated that if words are not followed by action they are simply a public relations stunt.

The AFL-CIO believes that unions are excellent platforms to address racial issues everywhere. When unions meet, it is a gathering of brothers and sisters.  The organization aims to use the labor movement to spread the message of acceptance across the country.

Race is an uncomfortable topic to discuss and causes a lot of people to shy away from the issue. The AFL-CIO wants to change that. They want to plunge the discussion into deeper levels. They are prepared to take on tougher subjects without fear of judgment or backlash.

Source: PAI