AFGE Members Campaign for 5.3 Percent Raise

WASHINGTON— Government employee wages are being defrosted. President Obama included in his newest budget proposal that after three plus years of frozen wages, federal employees are looking at an increase in wages of possibly 5.3%.


Effective October first, Obama approved a 1.6% increase for federal workers salaries, but they believe they deserve and can achieve more. After years of stagnant pay, they are pushing for what they feel they earned which is a 5.3% increase.


Richard Trumpka howled that to show true patriotism, Congress should demonstrate their appreciation for public employees by giving them an appropriate raise. Workers would also like to be compensated for their cost of living. The occupation of servicing their communities in the big city environment comes with inflated living expenses.


Federal workers are asking that the government blocks a proposal from the defense department imposing pay-for-performance plans. Pay-for-payment plans strip workers of their rights to argue unfair discharges and gives management an opportunity to show favoritism amongst workers.


A group largely concerned with this portion of Obama’s new budget are TSA workers. Currently, they do not have the best representation and they would like for that to change. They are mandated to follow military grade rules but have less than average quality benefits. TSA workers are the underdogs in the federal employee society.


Source: PAI