AFGE Launches Pro-Federal Worker Video Campaign

WASHINGTON–The American Federation of Government Employees is launching a year-long video campaign emphasizing federal workers’ contributions to U.S. society and well-being.

The “I am AFGE” campaign of 2-minute videos stars the workers and is designed to counter political stereotypes.  For at least 30 years, candidates of both parties have run against “Washington,” insulted workers as overpaid time-servers, and often cut their pay.

By contrast, the videos show how the workers have a lot in common with people they serve, said AFGE President J. David Cox, a former North Carolina veterans’ hospital nurse.

The 15 videos, to be released every two weeks starting on March 26, feature the workers explaining their jobs – at VA hospitals, processing Social Security checks, cleaning up hazardous waste, etc. – and why those jobs are important to everyone.

“Federal employees deliver programs and services that touch tens of millions of lives each and every day, yet some folks don’t make that connection between the work that federal employees do and the benefits to the nation and individual communities,” Cox explained.

“The goal of this campaign is to break down the stereotypes that some folks have about federal employees and the federal government, and highlight all the great work that federal employees are doing.  The best way to do this is through employees’ own voices.”

The videos will be on, distributed to news outlets nationwide and promoted in social media and with a photo contest.  The union also set up a special toll-free hotline (1-844-IAM-AFGE) for workers and citizens to add their stories to the data.