A Message to Congress: Raise the Caps!

As a result of sequestration, and the spending caps on discretionary programs under the 2013 Ryan-Murray Budget plan, education funding is at its lowest level in years. To fight back against the cuts, AFSA joined the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) and NDD United at their rally on Capitol Hill, calling for Congress to #RaiseTheCaps. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the critical need to #RaisetheCaps and to invest in education and critical discretionary programs.

The rally, which took place on Oct. 7, featured House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Senator Jack Reed, Rep. Nita Iowey, Senator Chuck Schumer and other Members of Congress from the House and Senate.

With the future of budget negotiations hanging in the balance, it’s critically important that our community lets Washington know that sequestration is unacceptable. United, we can keep sending powerful messages to tell Congressional leaders to work and #RaiseTheCaps!

raisethecaps IMG_3242