New Toolkit and Grants for Formerly Incarcerated Students Announced

In an effort to raise awareness on the needs of formerly incarcerated Americans returning to their communities, Education Secretary John B. King Jr. announced a new toolkit that will help schools assist formerly incarcerated students and children of prisoners, reports POLITICO Pro. King made the big announcement on April 25 at Benjamin Banneker High School in Washington, D.C.

Also, King discussed the $5.7 million in new grants for career and technical education for Portland Community College, St. Paul Public Schools, the Shelby County Board of Education and the Philadelphia school district.

The department states that research shows an estimated five million children have a parent in prison at one point in their childhood.

“Reentry is a critical moment that requires planning, support and preparation,” King said. “We need to help ensure formerly incarcerated young people and adults can return to their communities successfully. We need a community working together to provide job training, social and emotional support and a concerted effort to ensure success. Not only is this the right thing to do for families and for children, it also makes smart economic sense for our country.”

Source: POLITICO Pro