Working Americans, Support Your Rights!

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Support the Rights of Working People? Please Join Us!

America’s economy has swung out of balance.

It’s getting harder to get by, let alone get ahead. Everyday Americans are working more than ever before. Our work has created record wealth for an economic recovery that’s been everywhere but ordinary peoples’ wallets. Our economic rules unfairly favor corporate CEOs and the rich because they manipulate the rules in their favor. Almost no one stands up for average Americans these days, and now there is a Supreme Court case that threatens to make it even worse. Everyone who works should be able to make ends meet, have a say about their futures, and have the right to negotiate together for better wages and benefits that can sustain their family.

Who We Are


America Works Together consists of working people like teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other public service workers who are passionate about our work.


We want to get ahead – and stay ahead – by working hard and banding together with others to win better wages and benefits that can sustain our families, win improvements on the job to make our work more effective, and fight for advancements that leave our communities better off than we found them.


How to Join

America Works Together is a coalition of working people and their allies – more members are always welcome. For more information, contact


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