7,500 Fired New Orleans Teachers Fight for Justice

Attorney Willie Zanders filed a petition in October 2014 for the U.S. Supreme Court to review Louisiana Supreme Courts decision not in favor of the wrongful termination of all 7,500 Orleans Parish public school employees nearly ten years ago.

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled 5-2 against the public school employees stating that the employee’s rights were not violated and the lawsuits filed by the teachers’ union had already solved the issue. Their decision over turned two previous rulings from lower courts in favor of the employees.

“I believe the takeover of 102 New Orleans Public Schools when students, parents, teachers and voters were under a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Katrina was unconstitutional, immoral, and un-American,” said Zanders. Zanders also mentions the adverse effects the mass firing had on the children.

If the state Supreme Court’s ruling is overturned, the Orleans Parish School Board will be responsible to pay an estimated $1 billion.

Zanders hoped the case would have been resolved by now but said, “If it takes 10 years or 20 years to fight for justice—it’s a worthy fight.”


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