National Bullying Prevention Month: 5 Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullied StudentEach day school leaders play a major role in working to ensure all of our nation’s students are provided with the opportunity they need to learn in a safe environment. Along with a firm commitment to improving school safety, we, as school leaders are committed to decreasing the number of students affected each year by bullying.

In recognition of National Bullying Prevention month, here are five ways to help prevent bullying in your school community:

1) Be Prepared: Make your school’s bully policy available and accessible to all members of your community. Communicate policy through regular assemblies, classroom skits or through simple handouts outlining the school’s rules and regulations for bullying.
2) Educate Students: Providing students with information about how their actions affect their fellow classmates can make a huge difference and can provide students with the tools they need to prevent and deter further bullying in your community.
3) Stay Aware: Not all cases of bullying are immediately obvious. Communicate regularly with students to give yourself the best chance possible of recognizing important clues and to potentially stop bullying from escalating in severity.
4) Take Immediate Action: Once you identify a case of bullying, take action as early as possible to prevent the situation from escalating. Address all students involved including bystanders, but do so in private to give each student an equal opportunity to tell their side of the story.
5) Train Staff and Educators: Provide training opportunities for staff and educators in your school to best prepare them to stop bullying. 

For more information, training opportunities, or support refer to the National Educators Association or the The Bully Project.

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